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Gravasom - Equipamentos e Serviços para eventos

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Simultaneous Broadcasting

Thinking of providing greater visibility of content and better interaction with the activities proposed in a meeting – simultaneous broadcasting is the ideal solution.

Gravasom works with high-tech equipment, wireless and without delay, allowing the broadcast to happen with mobility and security. The team consists of skilled professionals in constant training. All these factors help the meeting’s broadcast to happen with better image quality and more clearly through:

  • Digital SD or HD Filming: final product delivered in Mini-DV, DVD, or Blu-ray;
  • SD or HD video and audio copies (Blu-ray / DVD / CD / MINI-DV);
  • Live SD or HD video editing in the console;
  • Fully equipped video editing studio for nonlinear editing in SD and HD;
  • Acoustic Booths for audio recording;
  • Fully equipped live SD and HD editing suite, with cutting mixer, preview monitors and intercoms;
  • Simultaneous broadcasting to the big screen, TV, Notebook;
  • Simultaneous broadcasting via cable, internet and satellite.