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Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting is characterized by verbal translation and interpretation techniques that make understandable the speech of a speaker in an environment with audiences from different nationalities, aiming at the participation of all, without language barriers. However, for this procedure to happen properly, we need a team of fluent and professionals interpreters.

With 28 years of experience in the market, Gravasom has the great advantage of having an exclusive and dedicated team of renowned translators, certified by the Board of Trade of Minas Gerais, JUCEMG – body responsible for the regulation of services. All feature rich linguistic experience in Brazil and in several other countries.

Technology is also of paramount importance and, therefore, Gravasom has the best cutting-edge equipment for rental. Always prefer the credibility that Gravasom can offer:

  • Simultaneous interpreters: Gravasom’s dedicated team with extensive experience and specific knowledge on the technical terms of each field of knowledge, in several languages;
  • sworn translators;
  • Soundproof booth;
  • Transmitters (Infrared, VHF, FM) and Interpreters’ Console with headset microphone;
  • Receivers (Infrared, VHF, FM) – Headset with removable foam pads that prevent contact with the ear canal, ensuring optimal performance, transmitted signal quality and the complete security regarding the information being transmitted.

Simultaneous translation – in Infrared

This system consists of three types of equipment: modulator, transmitter and receiver. The main advantage of the Infrared System is that it is 100% interference-free; it is fully reliable and provides more security to the system. Security is ensured in accordance with light characteristics. As it does not cross walls, the nine channels can be repeated in several rooms, even if located one next another.

Simultaneous translation – in Radio Frequency

Consisting of a medium range transmitter (100 meters radius) and receivers that pick up the radio signal and transforms it into high-quality sound. The Simultaneous Translation System in Radio Frequency is practical and ideal for use in large environments, for it provides for a wide are coverage.

Radio-Enabled Visitation System

This is the ideal system for efficient translation with mobility. Using a portable transmitter for the guide and receivers for visitors, communication occurs with exceptional quality in VHF and full understanding of the content, depending on the attenuation of external noise. Such accuracy ensures the attention of visitors during the guide’s explanations, even in large tour groups.