Quarta-Feira, 12 de Dezembro de 2018

Gravasom - Equipamentos e Serviços para eventos

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Information Technology

The ease and usability of technology are key factors to the success of a meeting. Gravasom offers specialized updated and licensed equipment for rental. We also supply support skilled labor for equipment setting up, network setup and to make sure the equipment is functioning properly:

  • Licensed Dell PCs with LCD monitors;
  • Licensed Notebook computers (Dell and HP);
  • Wireless Mouse;
  • Physical and logical network by cable and/or wireless, used to connect the audiovisual support room with the conference rooms, VIP room and press room, among others;
  • Cable or wireless Internet;
  • Bar code readers/CCD for the front desk and access control to the conference rooms;
  • Multi-functional inkjet, laser and thermal printers;
  • Adapters for Notebooks, Ultrabooks and Ipads;
  • Media-desk: where speakers can review and setup their presentations, which will be saved in the network according to the speaker’s name, auditorium, date and time of the presentation. At the end of the meeting, it gathers all the presentations and makes them available to the contractor, if authorized by the authors.