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Área Restrita:

Social Responsibility

GravaSom is much more than a partner. We support:


  • Casa Miguel Magone Christmas Party with audio and video equipment held in December 2014;
  • Restoring Lives Project, aiming to raise funds to purchase prosthetic legs for João Pedro – 5 years old, who lost both legs in an accident, and to continue funding this project, there was a fundraising concert at Inimá de Paula Museum in November of 2014.

Proceeds from this concert were donated to João Pedro, 5 years old; NSA Social Works. Rainha e Ações of the 2015 Restoring Lives project.

Gravasom set up the sound equipment and Dupla Iluminação set up the lighting system for the event.

  • Dona Lastene Charity Bingo, held once a year;
  • Fashion Day Proação event with audio and video equipment, and providing filming services since 2011. A charity fashion event that brings together famous brands, celebrities and a concert. Gravasom is responsible for filming, projecting (Screen and TV), setting up the box frame and the computer (notebook);
  • Food donation to Aunt Dolores day care center, held on September 11, 2009 by a team of GravaSom employees;
  • Food donation to Grandma Angelina day care center, held in April 2009 by a team GravaSom employees;
  • Food Donation to the Heirs of Jesus day care center.




“João Pedro’s family (the child who lost both legs in the accident) came here to my home to receive the donation collected on the day of the concert: 24/11.The grace of God was immense and we realized 20,000 Reals to him. Patricia Quaresma will make a psychological evaluation to see if it is time to receive the prosthetic legs. He will still not be able to walk because his injury was in the L2 and L3 vertebrae, the prostheses will now be for cosmetic purposes only, but we are sure they will help his self-esteem. He also received a new wheelchair, a computer and a PlayStation videogame.

On Saturday, we prayed to God here at home, together with them and some project volunteers. We were surprised to be visited by Marcelo Oliveira, Cruzeiro’s Head Coach, who delivered the PlayStation; he came with his wife and son.

We also donated R$ 4,500 to the social works of the Belvedere church, and another 1,000 Reals in diapers for the bedridden from Morro do Papagaio; and 2,385 diapers we collected these 5 days. We kept 3,500 for the project, to be used in other programs we will run at the APAC. We also sold R$ 4,020 in handmade products, made by the prisoners! They are very happy.


The beauty of the Museum, magnified by the sound and lighting, the stage … AND LOVE!

Our eternal gratitude to you all for making this dream come true.

Together we can make the world a little better (we extend these thanks to Mauro and Lilian).

On 12/13 we will hold a Christmas party for the prisoners.

Thank you very much! “

 Isabela Stehling / Restoring Lives Project

Click here see the moving video by João Pedro, thanking:




“The happening was wonderful and you from

Gravasom and Dupla Iluminação are directly responsible for this success!

Thank you very much once again. Greetings and success to all! “

Andrea Viscto

Inimá de Paula museum



Proação Fashion Day Project VII Edition

Thank you for supporting the seventh edition of Proação Fashion Day.

To the Gravasom team, who have been with us from the very beginning, our special thanks for their renewed confidence, and our gratitude for this great gesture of solidarity, which reflects the awareness of the importance of the fashion world as a dimension fundamental to human development.

You are worthy of our admiration and gratitude, for the success of Proação Fashion Day, which will take national shape and recognition.

Proação Board


Proação Fashion Day – 5th Edition

On August 29, 2012, we held the fifth edition of Proação Fashion Day. A fund raising fashion show, featuring the participation of leading brands of Minas Gerais fashion design and artists in the Palácio das Artes. All proceeds were invested in the social projects implemented and supported by the organization.

“For many it may not mean anything … Just another day. Nevertheless, for us, Proação is special because it reflects the sincere expression of the confidence and trust in our work with the profound meaning it has on the lives of our children.

Thus, with the softness of a breeze, passing gently through the window, that involves us so intensely, showing us that the beauty of our mission in Proação would only be complete by expressing our gratitude for your confidence, opportunity and respect for our work. Thank you all for your hard work!”

Acknowledgment from Marcia Prudente – Social Director of Proação.


GravaSom is much more than a partner!

“Gravasom’s presence in Proação events marks the possibility of harmony, when music and its aesthetic effects teach us about the need to welcome the beauty of all and that of each one of us.

Furthermore, the solidarity of its idealizers and the competence and professionalism of Team Gravasom promote the “O Proação” discourse. Which is desired and needs to be heard, because the language of both: “O Proação” and GravaSom, is in perfect sync, and boosted up to say that “Human Beings need to be more humane”

Because, under Gravasom’s business umbrella there are human beings who have never failed in their commitment to accomplish, as they help others accomplish as well. Congratulations and thank you very much.”

Ana Géo –”Proação” Director



GRAVASOM – Promoting successful events in the community.

By freely providing equipment and services for social events, GravaSom supports social works initiatives from non-profit organizations: nursing homes, daycare centers, schools, and others. In 2011, “PROAÇÃO” was one of the organizations sponsored by GravaSom.

The “Proação” – Nucleus of Partnerships in Projects and Actions – based on the conviction that “Human Beings need to be more Humane”, was launched on December 7, 2004, in the “Happing de Moda – PROAÇÃO” event, turned into a non-profitable NGO, recognized and founded on August 22, 2005.



GravaSom supports initiatives and projects geared towards helping others, for a better world, with less inequality.


The most important of the company’s premises  is that of social responsibility concerning our staff. Besides fulfilling all our legal and ethical obligations, Gravasom always tries to promote actions which will benefit its associates. We believe respect for our employees is paramount. Gravasom seeks to guarantee that everyone has healthy work conditions, have their basic needs met, besides providing benefits which can guarantee a better quality of life to all.

In 2009, we ran an in-house campaign concerning pro-sustainability concepts and practices to make sure our staff adopted practices more in tune with impacts on the environment, such as: a reasonable consumption of inputs in setting up the events, efficient waste collection for reuse and recycling, reuse of batteries and energy savings.